The actual product being traded in the Thought Market is something that has never been done before in the same format. However, organizing exchanges like open-air markets for goods to be traded has been done since before the ancient Greeks met in agoras to communicate and trade their goods. This concept was slowly improved as better roads and other technologies enabled people to travel across distances. Why? Because trade requires two things: communication and the ability to actually exchange the item. And the more efficiently they can be done, the better. You cannot buy things from people you cannot talk to; and if you cannot exchange anything, then all you are doing is communicating. Many ancient cultures understood the value of making communication and exchange as efficient as possible, and their societies benefited as a result. Modern stock markets are the result of this base concept of organizing trade for efficiency being expanded by technology to the point that communication and exchange are carried out instantaneously across distances. Both requirements can be met as easily today with shares, bonds and other financial structures as they could be met in person thousands of years ago because stocks can be exchanged in an instant. And the benefits are amplified by the ability to analyze the activity of the trade occurring in the form of statistics. The reason that everything else in existence isn't traded instantly in market formats is that shipping complicates the exchange part of the process for tangibles. So the technological equivalent of the agora hasn't been possible for almost anything other than intangibles like shares of stock.

But the world is different now. And a new industry has emerged as a result. Technology has enabled us to create and trade valuable things that didn't exist previously and their nature is such that they can be exchanged as efficiently as they could in person. Both requirements can again be efficiently met, with a different product of trade: your mind, manifested by technology. It isn't the case that there is no existing trade going on for the rights to videos, novels, apps and other pieces of intellectual property, but they are unconnected, scattered and divided into the individual traders themselves involving only segmented categories of the mind's true potential. There is no agora. There is a need to facilitate the trade of your mind for the same reasons that people gathered in Greece to trade their goods rather than leave things as they were. Investing in businesses occurred before stock exchanges but the process was inefficient and limited in the same ways that the trade of creative content and intellectual property is now.

With this understanding, the Thought Market seeks to offer a gathering place for the trade of all types of products that the human mind can produce. Let us be clear about something, we do not think that this is the end of other businesses trading in creative content - just as the open-air market was not the end of individual vendors. But creating marketplaces for only a specific type of item is limited in the same way that having separate agoras for food, clothing or materials is limited. That is what vendors are for – not marketplaces. Think about eBay only allowing specific types of things to be sold and there being as many identical websites as there were categories on eBay. It wouldn't make sense. The way the industry of intellectual property operates is flawed and everyone would benefit from its improvement. Everything is valuable, across all platforms, and if it is possible to efficiently trade them all in the same location, then it should be done. The Thought Market believes that it is possible, and we're going to prove it.

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Your Mind is a Resource Trade It

The foundational belief of the Thought Market is simple: The human mind will always be the most valuable resource in existence, yet only through recent technology has this resource been possible to refine into a usable format. This belief is the basis from which we have designed all of our features and services to offer our users. In short, the Thought Market seeks to create a unified platform for the trade of this intangible resource in every way that modern technology enables it to manifest. This goal is made possible by adopting many of the same concepts and tools that modern investment trading platforms offer to their traders. The difference between the Thought Market and other trade exchanges is in the unique nature of the product being traded. While other exchanges are designed to trade stocks, commodities and natural resources, the Thought Market has realized the need for an exchange designed specifically for creative media and other forms of intellectual property that are a direct product of the human mind.

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